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Steven came into our lives on June 7, 1969.  Over the years he brought us much happiness and joy.  Oh, how proud we have always been.                                                                                                                                steven with alec3.png       

Growing up Steven was always very curious, questioning everything, and checking everything out.  One day he emptied the closet where we kept our pots and pans, and then crawled inside.  That was surely a Kodak moment.  Steve's second grade teacher called and told us she remembered him with his curly hair, cute smile, gentle manner, and inquiring mind.  How he had to know the details of everything.  We remember his fourth grade teacher telling us how easily he would fit in with his friends.  Steven was too grown up for his age, an adult in a child's body. 

Growing up, Steven and his brother Barry shared so many wonderful times together.  As it would be with brothers so very close in age, there were always disputes between them.  But Steven was always there to protect his younger brother, as Barry protected him. 

Steven moved on to being a teenager, and then went on to teenage driving.  We called it the "everyone is okay but" era.  By the third time Steven called to say "everyone's okay but" we were afraid to pick up the phone.

In Steve's junior year of high school, he built up a very successful business selling baseball cards.  It seems like only yesterday that the 18-wheelers  pulled up to the house, one of which knocked the mailbox down.  Then off to college and a new chapter in Steven's life unfolded.  We were all so proud when Steven graduated Ithaca.

While Steven looked for work he delivered pizza for Dominos.  He even delivered pizza for a while in the evenings when he first started working for Cantor Fitzgerald.  They were so short handed and Steven felt he should help them out.  Steven always had to do the right thing.

At Cantor Steve treated his customers fairly, and they and the people on the trading desk became his friends.  How lucky they were to have known Steven and worked with him.  As one one his clients said "to know Steven is to love him".

Steven's special love for his son Alec and his two unborn daughters, Olivia and Ariella was overwhelming.  Steven's love of his children and all others is the reason that the Steven Russin C.A.P. Fund was created.

Almost anything and everything reminds us of Steven. Steven was a very special person.  We love and miss him very much.

                                                                             steven hand wresl1.png      


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